In our continuing effort to increase interest in the areas of Heavy Equipment and Diesel Engine Repair as a career, the Kansas City Associated Equipment Distributors (KCAED) has developed a scholarship for students with interest in pursuing post-secondary education in either of these fields. Included in this packet is a scholarship application, 以及, general information about the Associated Equipment Distributors (AED).

Service Technician Position Description


Construction equipment service technicians maintain and repair the heavy equipment used in all forms of construction, 农业, 矿业, 日志记录, 材料处理, and related industries. This equipment can range from gasoline-powered light construction vehicles to giant, diesel-powered earthmovers, 采矿卡车, 起重机和铺路石. These machines can carry price tags in the hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars.

Construction equipment today is very high-tech and sophisticated. Working on this equipment requires a sound knowledge of math, 科学, computer and language skills; 以及 advanced knowledge in engines and fuel systems, electrical and electronics, hydraulics and hydrostatics, 动力系统, 空调, and climate control, and safety practices. Efficient and accurate work, done right the first time, is essential. Construction equipment dealers must meet customers’ needs for proper repair and minimal downtime. Machine downtime and any associated project delays can cost an equipment owner many thousands of dollars.

The service technician is a front-line employee with direct customer contact; and is a valued, essential element of dealer success. In addition to technical skills, people skills are vital for effective customer relationship 管理 and decision-making. Training for this job doesn’t stop with the conclusion of formal education. Employers invest in continuous learning for their technicians, who require the latest knowledge in new product technology, 管理, and other job-related skills.

The position offers a career path that provides interesting high-tech work responsibilities, high employer demand for qualified technicians, job and income stability, and advancement potential. Many technicians have the opportunity to advance into sales positions, 产品支持, 零件的管理, service 管理, 分支机构管理, and corporate 管理.


  • Ensures that all service to a customer or company-owned equipment is completed efficiently, 准时, and correctly according to specifications. Repairs are commonly completed either at the dealer’s service facility or in the field at a customer site.
  • Responsible for diagnosing problems, estimating repair costs, 订购零件, minimizing re-work, proper use and care of tools and equipment, on-the-job safety practices, and proper job documentation including technical report writing.
  • Completes repairs within performance standards guidelines as set by the dealer: repair time, quality of repairs/amount of rework, the quantity of repairs/labor efficiency and other measures.
  • Contributes to building excellent company/customer relationships.
  • Stays up-to-date with current heavy equipment technology.

Educational and Other Requirements

  • Strong interest in equipment technology 以及 mechanical ability.
  • Strong high school academic record in 科学, advanced mathematics, computers and English.
  • High school diploma and/or technical school program in: diesel engines and fuel systems, hydraulics and hydrostatics, 动力系统, electrical and electronics, 空调, and climate control systems, and proper safety and environmental practices.
  • Highly recommended is a two-year or four-year degree in heavy equipment technology from a well-qualified technical school, such as a college that has achieved AED accreditation.
  • The ability and desire to approach technical education as a life-long process to stay current in the field and maintain a high level of job performance.
  • The people skills to work effectively with company personnel and customers, and promote excellent customer relationships at all times.

If you have questions or would like any of this information in an electronic format, please feel free to contact Jennifer Luce at 或致电 .

Please note the student needs to return the scholarship application to us by April 29, 2022.